I haven’t spent enough time in my comfort zone. I have spent most of the past couple years trying to show my range. Trying to show I could be at home on some “bars only” shit. Or some “jollof music” shit. Or some storyline type shit. Once in a while I find a beat that let’s me talk about how dark it gets. Home. I found the first frank ocean type beat(FOTB) on my guys phone and I loved it so much I stole it, wrote to it and recorded it. That one isn’t on this tape. However it inspired me to YouTube more fotb and download em. I wrote over 10 songs but these ones I selected feel like a good body of work. Making art in this day and age is tricky. There are abundant believe systems of what you should do and how you should do it being tweeted, Instagramed,facebooked etc. My believe is an artist creates art simply because it helps them calm the great unrest inside. And i have discovered that I get a sort of calm and peace from rapping to whatever producers cook up when they try to make “frank ocean type beats.

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